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Dear Mireille and Joeri!

It has been quite some time since we have visited your shop in Alkmaar. I am sure you will remember us - we came to buy wedding rings directly from Slovenia on 6th of February... We promised, that we will write our story and specially we would once again like to thank you for your kindness and beautiful rings you made for us the same day!
I fell in love with your rings here in Slovenia, where by accident get across an advertisment that someone is selling wedding rings from your shop. In advertisment there was also a link to your web site and as soon as I saw your rings I fell in love with them! The time was just right, because I and my boyfriend were in the middle of the wedding preparations. Firstly we thought that we would order rings via your internet shop, but later decided that it would be great to visit and see Amsterdam and Holland again, so we decided to come to Alkmaar personally. We booked a hotel and plane ticket and fly to Amsterdam on the beginning of February 2010. The flight was ok and the Amsterdam is pretty much the same as 8 years ago :) and if I ignore the fact that we took the wrong train from Amsterdam airport to Amsterdam central station, we didn`t have any inconveniences. On Sunday morning we took the train for Alkmaar and I think that we were the first customers in your shop. We were totally impressed by your rings and at the same time worried how we will choose the right ones. Together we have managed to pick the rings and you were so cooperative and kind that you made them while we were hinking and shopping in Alkmaar (by the way - beautiful city, personally I like it much more than Amsterdam). This meant a lot because it it would be very hard to wait if you would send the rings via regular mail.
After the visit in February it was very hard to wait until 15th of May, our wedding date, but at the same time all the preparations make the waiting easier  Anyway, the wedding was beatiful, like we wanted, exept the weather didn`t want to cooperate  But as the old slovenian saying goes: if on the wedding day is going to rain, the couple will have a lot of money and children... 
Find enclosed some pictures of our wedding day and your rings...
By the way - after approx 6 months wearing it I can say I love it! The rings are easy to maintain and very much wearable. Eventhough some of our friends and acquaintances thought that we are a little crazy to go for wedding rings on Holand, we are not sorry and hope that we will come back at some time (maybe on our 30th anniversary
Thanks again and wish you a lot of beautiful ideas for your rings!
Tina in Marko

Dear Joeri + Mireille

Thank you both for making our wonderfull wedding rings. We love them!
Louise + Matthew

Hallo Mireille en Joeri,

Sorry voor de later reactie,
Maar beter laat dan nooit.
We willen jullie nogmaals bedanken voor de super service die wij van jullie mochten ontvangen. De trouwringen vielen bij iedereen in de smaak. Ze vonden ze erg mooi. 
En wij, wij zijn er nog steeds heel blij mee. Wij vinden ze helemaal top.
Ondanks wat tegenslagen hebben we uiteindelijk toch een super bruiloft gehad. En bij een super bruiloft horen super ringen.
Vriendelijke groet,
Raymond en Janneke

Beste Mireille en Joeri,

Heel erg bedankt voor het ontwerpen van onze mooie ringen. Het was een fantastische dag.
Groetjes, Klaas en Astrid

Thank you,

Mirelle and Joeri, they realy look great!!! We'll definitely recomment Metal Art to our friends!
Best, Eszter.


Beste Mireille en Joeri,

Even een klein extra briefje bij dit bedankkaartje. 
Bedankt dat jullie voor ons een paar ringen hebben gemaakt, die zowel tijdens als na onze bruiloft nog steeds zorgen voor de nodige "oh" en "ah" reacties. Voor ons bevatten ze nu al hele mooie herinneringen ondanks dat 28 april 2009 nog niet zo ver achter ons ligt.
Dennis en Rowena.